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If there is anything that you need in the middle of the year, every year, it is a trip to North Australia, and you know it. Be it the Uluru, the Kata Tjuta, or the Kings Canyon

 we at NCDN are your go-to service for a trip. In helping you explore the magnificent North, we spare no details and spare no adventure.

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In doing so, we provide you with the best guides in all of Australia that is experienced with handling groups of tourists. Not only do they understand the landscape, the climate and the safety hazards at your destination, but also realize what spots the best for you are. Through these guides we guarantee you a pleasant trip.




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Accommodation Services in Australia

It is a collective experience for most of us who have travelled to strange places we have never visited before and found ourselves in need of accommodation facilities. This might occur during vacations, business visits, or personal endeavours in unusual places. Australia, being one of the most developed cities in the world, has a lot to offer in terms of accommodation facilities. Many companies deal with providing accommodation facilities and services to visitors in this country. They are found in both major cities as well as small towns and even villages. Here are a few details to check accommodation in Australia.

Different types of accommodation facilities

Here are some of the common types of businesses that offer luxury accommodation facilities that are easy to find in most places with excellent services.


Hotels are the most common businesses that offer accommodation facilities. There are very many hotels in Australia, and they greatly vary in terms of the size, shape, and services they provide to their clients. They also differ in terms of prices and the extra-services they provide to their customers. Therefore, before going for hotel accommodation, be sure to check some of these facts and try to analyse if the hotel accommodation facilities will soothe your needs.


Motels, when compared to hotels, offer more services and facilities. They are usually more prominent than the hotels with a lot of services and operations going on in the same roof. They provide quality services, and you can be lucky to get a spa or swimming pool absolutely for free as a source of attraction for more travellers.


Apartments provide the visitors with a roof as well as facilities that can facilitate their stay, some of which include cooking utensils, laundry facilities, and many other home basics, and it creates a feeling of being in your own house. They are common in Australia’s major cities and towns. For those who like doing things for themselves, this is the best option to choose from.


They are also common in Australia, the hosts of that particular take great pleasure to walk you around the neighbourhood and introduce you to some friends and figures. They also ensure that you are always satisfied with your stay. They avail basic needs to the visitors such as meals, bathrooms, ironing tools, among others.


Lodges are very common in many cities and towns. They usually on a nightly basis, or some even can allow you to occupy a room for your entire stay in that place. They also differ in terms of the facilities and services they offer. Some are situated in areas that are attractive and provide much pleasure to their clients.

Australia Accommodation has a large number of interstate, and abroad guests rushing to Australia every year. That is the reason Accommodation Find has met up and made things quite simple to discover and design your ideal occasion. Luckily, with the much strive to remain relevant in the market, most of these businesses have made their services available on the internet. They can be accessed by any person visiting their websites. So it is elementary for a visitor to locate accommodation around him or her and find the one that fits their budget as well as their needs.

The visitors should also be aware of scammers that can trick them with fake sites and end up engaging in fraudulent transactions. They must be keen when searching for such websites.

5 Things To Be Mindful Of When Travelling With Kids

Traveling is fun. It takes you away from your mundane life, gives you a new perspective and opens up new horizons for you. The same goes for children, it boosts their morale and self-confidence, their learning and decision-making skills, their social skills and most importantly, strengthens your family’s bond. But there are families which opt out kids when planning for weekend getaways due to the challenges it takes to travel with them. Here, we have come up with 5 essential and mindful tips that would make it easier for you to travel with your kids and have the time of your life. Let’s have a look:

Get their participation

Involve them in your planning process. Explain to them everything, from air travel to journeying through trains, tell them the importance of historical buildings to visit, the specialties of the new cities, the weather, the food, the culture. Give them a camera to explore and capture the novelty of new places. Let them plan activities for themselves. Let them see the world from their own perspective. Give them a chance to organize their schedules and everything to look forward to.

Pre-plan Everything

With kids by your side, you never have enough time. But make sure you have plenty of time when planning and booking your itinerary for your next vacation. Packing, a daunting task, requires your undivided attention. From medicines to gadgets, medicines, snacks, books, car seats, strollers, the identification documents, diapers, wipes, literally it seems like you need to pack everything on this earth for your kids. The list is never-ending and the best way to not leave anything behind is to plan and pack everything way before the actual day.

Safety & Precautions

During the hassle of logistics, or in the rush of tourists, or in the charm of scenery, the worst thing that can happen is that you lose the hold of your child, a nightmare, yes, but it happens. There are several modern gadgets such as GPS trackers that can be attached to their belt or shoes to keep track of them and to save yourself and your child from any trouble. For younger kids, you can share the important contact information with them in case of any unforeseen or unfortunate situation.

Child discounts

If it’s the first time you are traveling with your kids, be mindful of asking for child discounts. You will be surprised to know that there are several airlines and other transport means that offer striking discounts on fares. The chocolate walking tour sydney agencies and guides render special rates for families. Almost every historical monuments and tourist places have discounted entrance fees for children. When it comes to food, restaurants have marked down rates for children, some even offer free food. Don’t shy away from asking for discounted rates for your kids. We bet you surely will save a lot of money on your next weekend getaway.

Take a Breathe

Kids test their parents parenting all the time. But handling them while on the move becomes even more testing. It’s never a bad idea to take kids along on vacations but it is an overwhelming task. Parents don’t get to enjoy much on such vacations and are more busy dealing with and attending to their kids. For some valuable spare time, parents must allow their younger kids to choose activities for themselves or to watch out their little siblings to keep them busy.

Weekend getaways are fun and we don’t want you to enjoy a little less while accompanying your child. With these practical tips, we wish you to enjoy and make more of this holiday season with your kids.

Trip to Sydney

It is the largest Australian city and the place where, in January 1788, the British colony of New South Wales was founded : a penal colony. Since then, Sydney has become a multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan metropolis, the most visited and known city in Australia. And with its more than one hundred and twenty beaches , including the famous Bondi Beach , Sydney is a paradise for surfers who can practice their favorite sport all year round thanks to the temperate climate that characterizes the city even in winter.

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by the Blue Mountains , Sydney lays on the shores of It is this particularly favorable geographical position that has led to the impressive demographic growth of the city which today houses a fifth of the Australian population. Dotted with national parks and green areas, Sydney has been awarded several times as one of the most beautiful and liveable cities in the world . Composed of two main areas,

Sydney sees the oldest neighborhoods concentrated in the Cum berland Plain , west of its perimeter, while Hornsby Plateu(or North Shore), located in the northern part of the city, is a slightly elevated area that houses the financial and residential districts, connected to the rest of the city via the Harbor Bridge. But the skyline of Sydney is that of the tall skyscrapers found in the Central Business District (CBD) in the heart of the city. Here are the symbolic buildings of the famous Opera House , declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2007, the World Tower and the Australian Square .

And between one skyscraper and another, large green lungs like Hyde Park , Wynyard Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Finally, in the west part of Sydney, the CBD ends in Darling Harbor , one of the most touristic districts of the city: among restaurants and shops of all kinds, visitors can experience the true soul of the capital of New South Wales in a single afternoon .

GUIDE OF THE New South Wales


Harbor City, as it is commonly called Sydney, is home to many of the country’s main attractions, such as the , the Sydney Harbor Bridge and , and boasts numerous fine restaurants, secret beaches and small bars outside the usual circuit. Discover the most fashionable neighborhoods, such as Potts Point and Surry Hills, the beaches of the exclusive Vaucluse district and visit the artistic Chippendale district for lunch or dinner. You will discover cultural treasures such as galleries, museums, theater companies and alternative cinemas without ever getting away from wonderful views.

Wategos Beach, Byron Bay, New South Wales © Destination New South Wales
is the easternmost point of the mainland, known throughout the world for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests and relaxed lifestyle. The nearby Ballina airport, served by domestic flights, is about an hour and twenty minutes from Sydney. Within the city and its surroundings, you will discover an area full of restaurants that celebrates local products.

Don’t miss breakfast at , on a farm. Travel the 3.7 km of the to take in the breathtaking views of the ocean and inland areas, keeping your eyes wide open to spot humpback whales moving along the coast between June and November. There are many activities that can make beat your heart, from surfing to skydiving, but maybe you’ll be delighted even without doing anything.

Bridal Veil Falls, Blue Mountains Grand Traverse, New South Wales © Great Walks of Australia

The , a site declared World Heritage Site, boast an abundant natural beauty with many areas to discover on foot, a spectacular panorama and characteristic towns and villages, which make it a fantastic place to escape from the city. Walk towards the Three Sisters on the 998 steps of the or glide through the cliffs of the , 270 meters above ancient ravines. Stroll through the quaint villages of Leura and Blackheath to hunt down antique shops, original bars and upscale restaurants, then spend the night in a luxury lodge or delightful B&B. The Blue Mountains are only 90 minutes drive from .


The home to more than 120 wineries, and luxury hotels and is only a two-hour drive north of Sydney. Try new varieties of wines in the wineries , including Semillon at the winery dated 1886; the Graveyard Shiraz in and the famous Vat 1 of the . Yourself to a tasting menu at renowned restaurants like the and the or improve your culinary skills with cooking classes. You can also admire all this from above, on board a balloon, at dawn, with .

Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay, South Coast, New South Wales © Destination New South Wales

A three-hour drive south of Sydney is , where the beaches are known to have some of Australia’s whitest sands. The clear, turquoise waters of are in the top list of many tourists. Explore the tranquil , the ancient city of Huskisson and spend the night in a luxury safari tent at paperbank camp.

suitable accommodation.

Furthermore, we offer services in providing you suitable accommodation. This depends on the number of people you bring out with you, and you know what they say

Price Per Night


“the more, the merrier.”

So come out here in large groups, and we promise to cater to each and every one of you with all your special needs.

special equipment for trekking/exploring

Moreover, we arrange for all your needs to be catered to while you are over there. These include your lunches, special equipment for trekking/exploring, and whatnot. You get all that with NCDN at extremely affordable rates without any fuss or quality issues.

the holiday season

So, what are you waiting for, join us today! Be it the holiday season or a business trip, we will cater to all your needs without any complications.

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